Gilsonite is a type of natural asphaltic materials which are widely used as an effective filtration agent additive in oil-based and water-based drilling fluids. Gilsonite may be used in normal or HTHP environments. Other functions of Gilsonite are shale inhibition, preventing seepage loss circulation and differential stuck reduction.

Purchasing Gilsonite From TEAM

TEAM has been actively supplying Iran Gilsonite to numerous industries including drilling fluid service companies, asphalt, paint and has competitive pricing. Our Iran Origin Gilsonite has been supplied to various countries; references are available upon request. We have a standard quality control system in place and can arrange for international inspection with the help of inspection companies such as SGS.

Iran Gilsonite supplier

TEAM is an Iranian Gilsonite Supplier with different percentages of ash for wide variety of applications. Our products are produced with 0-5%, 5-10% and 10-15% ash percentages. Also available in lumps, powder and pellets depending on request.

Granulated Gilsonite with ash between 0-15 percent and diameter of 30 to 40 meshes is also available on request.

Gilsonite powder state with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and same ash percentage is also available.

With proper infrastructure and up-to-date machinery, TEAM co. has the possibility of automatic processing, sand separation, crushing, customized packaging and shipping Gilsonite powder to all over the world.


  • Improves emulsion and thermal stability in oil-based drilling fluids.

  • High temperature stability

  • No need for surfactant or etc.

  • Improves filter cake quality

  • Reduce fluid loss in normal or HPHT environments

  • Minimize unwanted torque and drag while drilling