Calcium Hypochlorite or perchlorine has strong oxidizing properties. It’s most important application is in disinfecting municipal water. Calcium Hypo acts as a strong disinfectant, and plays an important role in the municipal water disinfection and disinfection industry. This material is the cheapest water disinfectant, especially for emergencies. It is very useful for controlling water-borne epidemics.

Perchlorine is produced in two types of powder and granules. The solid powder of this chemical compound should usually form a solution of Calcium Hypochlorite when used. For this purpose, a certain amount of this solid powder is dissolved in a certain volume of water and used as a strong disinfectant.

Safety tips should be considered when working with Calcium Hypochlorite. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, flame, spark, heat sources, incendiary materials, corrosive and fossil fuels.