Sodium Sulfide is a yellow solid compound in flaky shape which can be found in anhydrous and hydrate forms. Sodium Sulfide with chemical formula of Na2S is soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohols. It can be easily oxidized when exposed to air. It has a distinct smell similar to rotten eggs. Sodium Sulfide is widely used in as flocculants, coloration agent and tanneries processes, oxygen scavenger in water treatment process, toning agent in photography of photographs, desulfurization agent in textile industry and even oil recovery operations.

Due to increasing demands for clean water, the market growth of Sodium sulfide is estimated to be in a rising trend around the world.

Market Overview

Referenced to ‘’’’ website, as Sodium Sulfide is majorly used during the process of the leather and tanning industry, this segment is anticipated to show significant growth in the period time of 2016 and 2024 with a total volume CAGR of 3.7% and total turnover of more than US$ 190 million by the end of 2024. It is also predicted that in future, application of sodium sulfide will be increasing in ore processing sections. In fact, sodium sulfide in ore processing should see constant growth over the period 2016-2024. This is due to sodium sulfide’s wide applications in ore processing as it is used to produce iron, steel, magnesium and copper during the process of flotation. Developing countries such as China, India, and Vietnam along with African nations such as Morocco and Ethiopia are predicted to experience sturdy growth in leather production and sodium sulfide usage. On the other hand, some health hazards caused by sodium sulfide may act as an obstacle for Sodium Sulfide market growth.

Referenced to, most significant importing markets of Sodium Sulfide in 2021are United States and Chine with proportions of 13% and 12%, respectively.

Purchasing From TEAM

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Advantages and Benefits

Sodium Sulfide has high water solubility and low iron content which make it an ideal chemical as an intermediate agent in production of variety chemicals such as detergents and rubbers. Moreover, liming and desulfurization properties of Sodium Sulfide are excellent properties for leather and textile processing.


It is recommended to be careful when working with Sodium Sulfide, as it is hazardous to humans, and may cause irritation in throat, eyes, and skin. Also, inhaling sulfide dust may cause breathing diseases. Please refer to TEAM MSDS for further details on Sodium Sulfide hazards.