Triethylene Glycol, also known as TEG, is a colorless liquid alcohol with chemical formula of C6H14O4. TEG, is the third member of the dihydric alcohol series and is produced alongside Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) and Diethylene Glycol (DEG) as a by-product of the direct hydration reaction of ethylene oxide.

TEG is odorless and non-flammable. This product has a high viscosity and boiling point and is also soluble in water. TEG is preferably used in cases that require a higher boiling point and lower volatility than Diethylene Glycol. Triethylene Glycol is soluble in acetone, ethanol, acetic acid, glycerin, and aldehydes. It is slightly soluble in diethyl ether, and insoluble in oils and most hydrocarbons. Triethylene Glycol is considered slightly toxic but non-hazardous.

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TEG Markets in the World

The consumption of TEG is driven by the size of a countries industry and therefore countries such as China, India and Russia are some of the highest consuming countries of TEG in the world. Given that Russia is one of the biggest gas producers in the world, it is has now become one of the new consumers of Ethylene Glycols. New gas fields in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran also indicate that TEG consumption is high.
In addition to these companies, many regional and domestic manufacturers in the markets of countries such as China, India, South Korea and other countries are currently trying to gain a role in the sale market of Triethylene Glycol. Iran is also one of the producers of Triethylene Glycol which has succeeded in producing TEG 99% high purity. For supplying Triethylene Glycol Iran contact TEAM chemicals via get contact number and get a quote form, we remain available to provide more information.

Supply Triethylene Glycol From TEAM

TEAM has been actively supplying Triethylene Glycol from Iran to numerous industries and has competitive pricing. Our TEG 99% has been supplied to Iraq and neighboring countries; references are available upon request. We have a standard quality control system in place and can arrange for international inspection with the help of inspection companies such as SGS.

Triethylene Glycol Pricing

The price of Triethylene Glycol may vary depending on its purity and delivery method. Please contact TEAM sales department through our contact numbers, in order to register a purchase order or pre-purchase consultation.


Due to the fact that this compound is liquid at normal temperature, TEG chemical compound is supplied in 230 kg drums and/or in IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). Tanks and barrels for storage of this material are made of metal or polyethylene as corrosion resistance is required.

Advantages of Triethylene Glycol

TEG is a common and ideal chemical intermediate for the synthesis of other chemicals. Having lower vapor pressure and lower viscosity, TEG has great benefits compared to the other Glycols.


It is recommended to be extremely careful when working with TEG. Please refer to TEAM MSDS for further details on TEG hazards.

Structural Formula

Triethylene Glycol or TEG has 6 carbon atoms in its structure, alongside 4 oxygen atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms. The structural formula of TEG is illustrated below:

Triethylene Glycol Structural Formula
Figure 1- structural formula of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)