Hematite (Hi-Dense) is iron oxide with a chemical formula of Fe2O3. It is a common rock-forming mineral found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. It naturally occurs in black to steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish-brown colors. Physically, Hematite has a blood red color and an irregular and shell-shaped fracture form. Its color becomes shiny and metallic after polishing. It has 69.94% pure iron and 30.06% oxygen in its pure state and has weak magnetic properties. Hematite ores are usually of high purity and mainly contain small amounts of Phosphorus. In some of its compounds it may be Manganese, Aluminum, Titanium or Fe2 +.

Hematite supplier in Iran

There are several Hematite mines in Iran, in the southern regions, which supplies the domestic or foreign markets by Hematite supplier in Iran. A significant part of Iranian Hematite is located in Hormozgan, south of Fars and Kerman province. The amount of reserves in this region is more than one billion and 300 million tons. In Iran’s steel industry, due to the growth of technology, Hematite has replaced magnetite, and the domestic use of this product and its export has become more important than ever.

Purchasing Hematite From TEAM

TEAM has been actively supplying Iran Hematite to numerous industries in form of powder and iron ore and has competitive pricing. Our Iran Origin Hematite has been supplied to various countries; references are available upon request. We have a standard quality control system in place and can arrange for international inspection with the help of inspection companies such as SGS. Shipping, payment method and packaging are fully customized.

Hematite (Hi-Dense)

Hematite (Hi-Dense) is a type of natural asphaltic materials which are widely used in various industries such as drilling and cementing fluids. Hematite’s density is in range of 4.9-5.15 (S.G). Hematite (Hi-Dense) is processed to remove impurities then classified to achieve the desired particle size distribution.