Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB), which is made up of two groups, Alkyl and Benzene, is also known as detergent alkyl. It is an intermediate substance in the petrochemical industry that is obtained from the alkylation of Benzene from paraffin in raw materials. It is used to make Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate (LAS), which is used exclusively as a Surfactant in the production of detergents and cleaners. In the following, the production method, characteristics, applications, storage, as well as the dangers of this chemical will be examined.

Production Method

To produce Linear Alkylbenzene, in an improved process, the monulfins react with the Benzene and are catalyzed by hydrogen fluoride, following this step Alkyl Benzene is produced. Next, Aluminum Oxide removes organic fluoride impurities to prevent the release of Hydrofluoric Acid into downstream equipment. The alkylbenzene SO3 sulfonation color is dramatically improved by the use of available Alumina.