Shale Inhibitor Pro is a high-quality amine-based shale inhibitor which is used in water-based drilling fluids in order to provide wellbore stability while drilling through problematic high-reactive shale layers. Besides that, it can improve thermal stability of mud in high temperatures and reduce possibility of fluid loss increment and clays’ hydration with minimum adverse effects on rheological properties.


  • Compatible with different types of water-based drilling fluids
  • Provides high shale stability
  • Reduces filtration properties of fluid
  • Minimum adverse effect on rheological properties of fluids
  • Thermal Stabilizer for polymers
  • Minimize formation damage in reservoir section
  • Minimize shale swelling and sloughing
  • Compatible with Gilsonite or asphaltic inhibitors
  • Improves penetration rates
  • Helps with lubrication of the BHA
  • Applicable in high temperatures (up to 300 Fahrenheit degrees)