Monoethanolamine Triazine or MEA-Triazine, with chemical formula of C3H3N3, is a chemical compound from class of nitrogen-containing heterocycles with a slight amine odor. Triazine is widely used for quick removal of H2S gas in different chemical processing systems. The main use of this product is for desulfurization in oil and gas industries.

In addition, it minimizes the corrosion challenges as it acts as a corrosion inhibitor for metal compounds. Triazine is also utilized in drilling and completion fluids in oilfield. This product assists to protect drilling assets equipment from the corrosive effects of H2S gas.

Moreover, the usage of Triazine in the oil and gas industry is not limited to drilling operations. In fact, after the completion stage of drilling and completion of the well, Triazine is used in the gas storage tanks and transfer lines from the wellhead to the production units to remove Hydrogen Sulfide gas and minimize the corrosion of pipelines.

The by-products of the reaction between Triazine and H2S gas are water-soluble and are easily removable.

TEAM’s Triazine product is offered with 78-80% active content and it can be optimized according to customers’ needs.

Buy Triazine from TEAM

TEAM company is an Iranian supplier of various sulfurized chemicals such as Triazine, Monoethanolamine (MEA), and different grades of H2S scavengers liquid and powdered at a competitive price. TEAM ‘s Triazine has been supplied to neighboring countries (sales references are available upon request).

By using the standard quality control system and cooperating with inspection companies such as SGS, TEAM’s company has the possibility of international inspection.


The price of monoethanolamine triazine may vary depending on its active content percentage and delivery method. Please contact TEAM sales department through our contact numbers, in order to register a purchase order or pre-purchase consultation.


Some of the advantages of TEAM’s Triazine are:

  • Triazine can trap Hydrogen Sulfide gas in an irreversible reaction and prevent it from returning to the system due to its molecular structure. The side product created in the mentioned reaction is a solid-free and soluble.
  • It is compatible with other anionic, cationic and nonionic products in the pH range of 9-12.
  • MEA-Triazine is economical compared to other products.
  • This chemical is an ideal additive to be used in LPG, natural gas and crude oil.
  • Muds containing monoethanolamine triazine reduce the corrosion rate to near zero if used in optimal concentrations.
  • In general, addition of Triazine to water-based muds improves mud properties.
  • In terms of maintaining rheological properties and filtration properties, Triazine performs better than MEA in mud systems due to its higher capacity in removing H2S gas.
  • Triazine has no adverse effect on oil, gas or fuel quality.
  • Triazine minimizes the requirement for equipment replacement and high cost of maintenance. It improves personnel safety by lowering risk of H2S release at rig site.
  • Triazine reduces the possibility of any deposits related to Hydrogen Sulfide gas and corrosion in the crude oil distillation unit or refinery equipment.