Drilling Starch HT is a high-quality grade of pre-gelatin starch that is used in water-based mud systems to minimize fluid loss and forming thin filter-cake in wellbore surface in high temperatures (up to 300 Fahrenheit degrees). High Temperature Drilling starch is a non-ionic natural polymer which may be used in low-saline to high-saline waters. High temperature starch is environment-friendly and easily removeable by acids or oxidizers.


  • Cost-effective comparing other filtration agents
  • Forming high quality filter cake on wellbore walls
  • Provides excellent filtration characteristics
  • Compatible with most types of regular water-based muds
  • Compatible with sea water and brackish water
  • Stable up to 300°F
  • Compatible with sodium chloride, potassium chloride and other common salts in industry
  • Environment-friendly
  • Applicable in wide range of pH
  • Minimize filtration damage in reservoir formations