BIT-WASH is a high-performance product which is designed for drilling through swelling clays, marls and any formation which is prone to create bit balling issues. BIT-WASH is a blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants which its mechanism is mainly reducing surface tensions between sticky clay particles and metallic tools. BIT-WASH can improve drilling condition by prevent clay sticking problems and improving rate of penetration.


  • More effective compared to common drilling detergents
  • Lower foam generation and rheological alterations compared to common drilling detergents
  • Easy to mix through hopper
  • Effective in low concentration
  • Compatible with sea water
  • Compatible with different types of water-based drilling fluids
  • Minimizes possibility of balling on stabilizers
  • Minimizes clay accretion on BHA
  • Increases rate of penetration in swelling formations