MEA (Monoethanolamine), with the chemical formula HOCH2CH2NH2 or C2H7NO, is a simple organic ethanolamines family (amino alcohols) with one primary amine and one alcohol group. MEA is therefore able to react with its both functional groups. MEA is an excellent intermediary alkyl amine for reacting with acids in order to produce salts and soaps. More complex family members of ethanolamines are DEA and TEA. MEA is produced from the reaction between ammonia and ethylene oxide.

MEA is a colorless liquid which has a low volatility at room temperature. The freezing point of MEA can be reduced by dilution with water. It presents an ammoniac odor. Mono Ethanol Amine absorbs water molecules and carbon dioxide from the air and is miscible with water and alcohols in any proportion.

Nowadays, the demand for MEA is increasing as many industries such as wood preservation, agriculture industry and oil and gas industries are using MEA in their products and processes.


Some advantages of MEA are summarized below:

  • Having favorable physical and chemical properties
  • Biodegradable
  • Negligible toxic properties for aquatic organisms
  • High reaction rate with carbon dioxide
  • High heat absorption


It is recommended to be extremely careful when working with MEA, as it is hazardous to humans and the environment. MEA can lead to hazardous effects such as eyes and mouth injury. Please refer to TEAM MSDS for further details on MEA hazards.


Due to the fact that this compound is liquid at normal temperature and has corrosive properties, MEA chemical compound is supplied in 230 kg PE drums and/or in IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) in order to prevent corrosion challenges. Tanks and barrels for storage of this material can be selected from corrosion-resistant materials if required.

Market Overview

Referenced to ‘’’’ website, the estimation of worldwide market of MEA is anticipated to witness potential picks up within the future and enroll critical CAGR of 5.2% over the period of (2019 – 2027). Worldwide utilization of ethanolamines will proceed to develop at a normal yearly rate of 2.4% in 2021–2026, which is driven by the creating markets in Asia, particularly China. Based on location, MEA market is portioned into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Center East. The market in Europe is anticipated to witness noteworthy development, owing to growing personal care industry within the locale. In addition, Europe is anticipated towitness impressive development credited to expanding request from development and pharmaceutical applications.

Purchasing From TEAM

TEAM as an Iranian supplier of Monoethanolamine has been actively supplying this product to numerous industries and has competitive pricing. Our MEA has been supplied to neighboring countries; references are available upon request. We have a standard quality control system in place and can arrange for international inspection with the help of inspection companies such as SGS.


The price of Monoethanolamine (MEA) may vary depending on its purity and delivery method. Please contact TEAM sales department through our contact numbers, in order to register a purchase order or pre-purchase consultation.