Oyster-Shell F/M/C is a drilling fluid which is mostly composed of CaCO3.  Oyster-Shell F/M/C are used in drilling fluid industry as loss circulation material which can be used in productive formations due to its high solubility in HCl acid. Oyster-Shell is available in three size grades (fine, medium and coarse) and can be applied in different types of drilling fluids.


  • Effective LCM material
  • Can be applied as a mixture with other types of LCMs such asCALCIUM CARBONATE F/M/C
  • Applicable in fractured and vugular loss zones
  • Environmentally benign.
  • Compatible with both water-based and oil-based mud systems
  • High acid solubility
  • Wide particle size for optimizing the fractures with different widths
  • Compatible with all salts
  • Applicable in different range of pH (7 to 11)