Oxygen Scavenger Powder or OXY-SCAVENGER P is a high-quality grade of solid oxygen scavengers for water, brines, water-based muds and any other liquids which are vulnerable to the oxygen-related challenges. Oxygen Scavenger prevents all oxygen-related challenges, such as corrosion, with removing solved oxygen molecules in liquids. Oxygen Scavenger is applicable in both fresh water and sea water, and can be mixed readily in any brine.


Dependent to the environment of fluids, treatments may differ. Actual pilot tests before adding Oxygen Scavenger Powder are recommended. Normally, 1000 ppm of OXY-SCAVENGER P (0.1 gr in 100 cc) can remove at least 90% of dissolved oxygen.

In drilling, completion or workover fluids, it is recommended, to use H2S Scavengers and corrosion inhibitors alongside with Powder Oxygen Scavenger .