Liquid Oxygen Scavenger or “Oxy-Scavenger L” is a high-quality grade drilling fluid for water-based muds and workover brines against oxygen-related corrosion of downhole tools and surface equipment in oil-field. Liquid Oxygen Scavenger contains sulphite compounds and prevents corrosion and other oxygen-related challenges with removing solved oxygen molecules in water. Oxy-Scavenger L is not only applicable in both fresh water and sea water, but also can be used in production applications.


  • Provides anti-scale properties
  • Easy mixing
  • Increases the lifetime of rig pumps and downhole tools
  • Compatible with different types of drilling fluids and oil-field brines(monovalent and divalent ions)
  • Effective in different salinities
  • Minimum effect on filtration and rheological properties of fluids
  • Environmentally friendly additive
  • Compatible with cationic, non-ionic and anionic materials